Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Good Day

Yesterday my daughter Lindsey and I went out. Although the weather was not nearly as good as they were originally calling for- we work around her schedule as a nurse working two part time jobs, a common occurence in Ontario.

Our first stop was at Rona Home and Decor to look for paint for her old room here. We found a pinky mauve and a darker raspberry that are going to look wonderful together (I hope at least). Now I just have to get the room ready for painting, and hopefully painting in the next couple of weeks.

Our second stop was Queen St in the Beach. We parked and started our walk. Lots of interesting little stores with all kinds of things and delightfully no major chain stores with all the same stuff. My main mission was to find the tea shop that sells all kinds of flavoured teas. You have to understand I am a major coffee drinker with decided preferences- for all those Canadians- it has to be Tim Hortons. I buy it whenever I am out and have their ground coffee at home. I do NOT like flavoured coffee; but I like flavoured teas. And like my coffee I am very particular about tea as well. I dislike teabags and like loose tea and it is hard to find anywhere close to home. My internet search turned up a few in Toronto and the Beach was the most interesting shopping area. Well I found the tea shop and the ladies there were very friendly and could not believe I had come all this way for tea- it was only a 30 minute drive so in my mind no big deal. Anyway we spent some time looking and smelling the teas and I ended buying several. . I ahve tried some of them and they are delicious.

So all and all it was a good day!

Friday, March 23, 2007

My Weekend Plans

This will probably be a weekend short on stitching, but sometimes that is OK. On Saturday I am going to The Beach (aka Beaches) a lovely neighbourhood in Toronto with a boardwalk along the water and some interesting shopping. It is only the start of spring here but the weather is supposed to be mild and hopefully no rain so it will be fun. Then on Sunday I need to get some work done for work. There will be a little stitching in between though- still working on Blossom and Sheri's RR. I am seriously thinking about focusing on Blossom for the next little while. A Multi Finisher blinkie has become an obsession and it would complete one of my yearly goals. Am I trying to justify this- Oh yes!
Also in just over a week the Tranquility Sampler starts- I know I will not be stitching a page a week on this but I am sooo looking forward to the chart. Thank you Fudgey.

I decided I should share my furbaby with the world. This is Bella, she is almost 2, weighs about 3.2kg and is half chihuahua and half poodle!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Blossom Fae is calling

Yes, she is. I have one full page and a small page left to finish her and she wants to be done. More lovely flowers. So I think I will alternate her with Sheri's RR this weekend. Then I will have to make a decision on the fae to complete the top row. It has to be facing right and preferably not in purples, pinks or greens since those colours are well represented already.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This week

Here is Pince Cone Fae after the March SAL Challenge- now 80% of page 1

I am working on Sheri's RR this week which is Sacred Hour by Vacher- sory no pictures yet.

And what a nice surprise in the mail. I got the artwork from Nadia today for Mushroom Bee Fae and she also sent a Special Edition of Eve of Enchantment for my daugther. I love her art and she is such a nice person. Boy would I like to meet her in person.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy Dance Today

My Rainbow Borders Sampler arrived today!!! It is not on my immediate to stitch list but just having it in my stash is making me very very happy.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thinking about Charts

Fudgey's comment about Gustafson made me think about charts and the differences in what you can see. I currently have 1 Gustafson, 1 Ravenscroft, 1 Sanderson and 3 Tates in my rotation and there really are differences. When I work on Wizard of Oz there is often only one or two things that you can really identify when you look at a page of the chart, Angel is better because you can at least see the outline of some areas and Mask and all of the Tates have easily identifiable things like wings, eyes and flowers. It sometimes makes for interesting stitching since you are using colours that often don't seem to make sense then boom out pops all of the features on the page. It is such a delightful experience when I can sit back and do a WOW there's the boys head or the ribbons on Angel. I think that is why I keep stitching and why my HAED's continue to scream so much louder than my non-HAED's.

Friday, March 02, 2007

I did it

I completed another page of Wizard of Oz. This is now 5 pages complete (of a total of 21 pages) so it is 24% complete.

I am going back to Patchwork Sampler for a little while and putting the Fae's back on the floorstand in preparation for the March Challenge SAL-coming soon.