Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our New Addition

We had to take our dog to the vet today; every time we tried to pick her up she would yelp. It is either pulled muscles in her lower back or get this- a slipped disc! She has had a cortisone shot and is significantly better tonight. She has to go back tomorrow to be checked again.
While at the vet my son noticed they had kittens for adoption but I managed to get out of there without a kitten...but... his sister showed up for a visit, drove him back to the vet and low and behold we have a kitten. This is Snoop:

He is long haired grey and black and very cute and also very vocal and friendly!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wizard of Oz Blitz

Wizard of Oz has been monopolizing my attention lately. I have managed to complete 6 pages total- 2 this year which was one of my goals.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Too busy to blog

It has been a while since life has been just a little crazy. I decided to redecorate two rooms- my daughter's and son's former bedrooms that were the regulation teenage disasters. Lindsey has now moved out to her own place and Ryan has taken over the basement. As well, we took down the pool and deck in our backyard. I am certifiable to do it all at once.
So, now the rooms are done, for the most part and here are some pictures

This was Ryan's room that I am now calling the den:

And this is Lindsey's room that I am now calling the spare room:

The pool and deck are down but the yard is a mess- that will be the next project. We got rid of all the resulting waste by hiring a giant bin, parked in the driveway for the weekend- now gone. The added benefit of this was I also got rid of lots of crap from the house as well