Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stitching amd Commitments

I need to start by saying my 'children' are 22 and 19! Last Christmas when we were opening our stockings it was noticed that our stockings are starting to fall apart. I made my stocking (and one each for my Mom and Dad) when I was a teenager.. so many years ago. When my daughter was born I made one for her and then when my son was born I re-did my Dad's, who had passed away for my son. So needless to say the youngest stocking is 22 years old. They are beginning to show their age. I infamously suggested at that time that I could make everyone, now including my daughter's significant other new stockings. This has now come back to bite me. I was shopping with her this weekend and she brought up the fact that I suggested I would make new ones. So until this is done the only stitching I will commit to is finishing my RR. I have purchased all the supplies I need for this and will make a start tomorrow. The one good thing about this is it will give me time to select my missing pinks!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Missing Pink

So, I went to work on my Patchwork Sampler and was deciding what colour was needed next and thought I should be adding something pink. Well low and behold I do not have any pink. In my mad buying spree of silk I did not get pink. Now I sort of understand this, I am not a pink person- that is my daughter. I gravitate to greens, oranges, corals and red. But to have no pink is ridiculous. So I am off to look at pinks!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Silks and Colours

Just for Fudgey
First Page-Vicki Clayton
3 shades of Rum Scullion
Copper Red
Marque de Circe
Peach Melba
Raspberry Sky
Caribbean Eve
Caribbean Reef
Jazz Blues
Second Page- Vicki Clayton
Ice Dragon
Earth Dragon
Summer Sky
Fire Dragon
Dragon Fire
Dragon Breath
Dragon Blood
Turkey Red
3 shades of Wrasse
Dragon Hoard
Page 3 Vicki Clayton and Gloriana
Rose Quartz
Rose Flame (G)
Monet's Pond (G)
Teal Twilight (G)
Tropical Sea (G)
Summer Sky (G)
Page 4 Dinky Dyes
Tropic Sunshine
Mango Tango
Bush Fire
Pacific Sunshine
Sydney Harbour
Coral Lagoon

I am having sooo much fun playing with colours

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Yummy, yummy, yummy

I got my order from Stitching Bits and Bobs today. Yummy, beautiful silk threads from Gloriana and Dinky Dyes. Oh the colours, I can't wait to stitch with them. Now to plan where to use each of them in Patchwork Sampler.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A little spooky

You Are a Chihuahua Puppy

Small, high strung, and loyal.
You do best in the city with a adults - young kids could crush you!
What Breed of Puppy Are You?

This is a little spooky- this was in Stitchinfiend's blog and hers came up dachshund which she has and I came up chihuahua and Bella is half chihuahua

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Colour Commentary

Every once and a while someone on the HAED board asks a question about a specific colour in a chart because it seems the colour does not fit in. I know this happens to me all the time. I can be stitching a face and all of a sudden I am using green or blue. Shadows are often burgundy and grape when I am expecting greys. It is just amazing to me as I complete the section how well the colours work in the end. I can use the same colour in different areas of the chart surrounded by totally different colours and the same colour has a totally different feel and impact. The effects of colour is a mystery to me and one of the things I love best about stitching.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Dance Today

My silks from Vikki arrived today! Lots of yummy yummy colours. I looked at them and fondled them but was very very good and did not stitch with them. It is the Re-discover SAL over at HAED and I am working on Mask of Colours. I will ogle them all weekend!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Started...

I started my Patchwork Sampler last Thursday and worked on it and Michelle's RR this weekend. Unfortunately no picture of Michelles but I did manage a picture of the sampler:

It is not a great picture, the colours are brighter in real life. Now for the colours:
Turquoise is Soie d'Alger 132
Bright Multicolour is Colorwash Jelly Bean
Purple is from Vikki but it was a sample with no name or number (or I lost it)
Purple/Green/Yellow multi is Vikki's Dragon Tongue
Gold is Splendor 909

I am soooo loving doing this. I get to pick the colours. I cannot draw a stick man to save my life but I love playing with colours. Coloured pencils, pens and markers are toys to me.

I am now waiting for 2 silk thread shipments- one from Vikki and one from Stitching Bits and Bobs with a variety of silk threads....playtime!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

An Amazing Day

I stayed home from work today because of serious intestinal cramps so it should have been a really bad day..but.. I got my charts from Ina today including Patchwork Sampler.. and.. I got an email from Vikki that my silks have been shipped. Now to find the fabric and I will be all set to start. It will give me a good alternate to working on Michelle's RR which I am working on.
I have completed another page of Wizard of Oz and will take a picture and post it on the weekend.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's been a week

since I posted. I lost track of time! I am trying to complete another page of Wizard of Oz so that I can move on to Michelle's RR. I am about 85% through the page so not much longer. Michelle's piece is the angels and mermiads from Selina Fenech. I am going to stitch Angel og Compassion. I have the chart, my selection is marked out so I am ready to go.