Monday, August 13, 2007

An Update

So, I have the first page of Secret Garden complete with part of of the little elfie showing and part of a leaf. Only 35 pages to go!

And with the SAL I am now into the second row of pages on Pine Cone:

As for my yearly goals, I am getting there:

Pine Cone Fae complete
Wizard of Oz complete
Angel 1/3 of a page to go
Blossom Fae complete
Mask of Colours on hold
Tahliana on hold


fudgey said...

looking slightly confused..
i thought i commented on your elf.. where did i do that cos it isn't here...

i worry about me sometimes..
ilove your progress on both , but especially the little green pixie.. your sttiching is looking very green atm..
oh i asked and asked again about tangerine dream..
i will persist i promise

Dave Hingsburger said...

Hi Terri, I tried to find your blog to leave you a message a long while back but was unable to remember exactly what it was called. Someone came from your to mine today so I had it. Just wanted to say HI!! How are you??